Once you achieve the beautiful, straight teeth that you deserve, we will begin the retention stage of your treatment. Maintaining your final orthodontic result depends exclusively on your retainers, so please diligently follow our retention recommendations.

The type of retainer we will use varies from patient to patient and depends on various factors, such as the original orthodontic problem and your oral hygiene. If you have a preference as to what type of retainer you would like, please let us know. Together we will determine what type of retainer is best for you. The three main types of retainers used in our office are:

Invisible "Essix" Retainers

The Essix retainer is a transparent removable retainer that fits over the entire arch of teeth. Similar to Invisalign& trays, Essix retainers have no wires. Therefore, they are easy to wear and look great! People may not even realize that you have them in!

Bonded Retainers

Bonded retainers are fixed directly to the inside surface of your front teeth. This is one of the best ways to prevent your teeth from shifting as they are permanently attached!

As with removable retainers, it is important to keep them clean. When brushing, make sure to carefully clean the inside of your teeth as well as the wire. If your retainer breaks at any time during treatment, please do not adjust it yourself. Call us immediately to schedule a repair appointment.

Hawley Removable Retainers

The Hawley retainer, one of the more traditional types, is a removable retainer made of a combination of metal wires and sturdy acrylic, and is designed to keep your teeth in place. This retainer is specially made from impressions of your teeth so that it fits snugly and comfortably in the roof of your mouth, while any wire or acrylic framing keeps your teeth in perfect position. The acrylic can also be personalized with a large number of colors and/or patterns.